The Wheels Of Hope Challenge

The best gift we can give to others is hopeIlchi Lee

What if we gave you a chance to change someone’s life? Would you like to give someone wings to fly?

Teams equipped with tool kits and enthusiasm compete tooth and nail, with each other while other teammates negotiate fun, innovative puzzles and challenges, to earn enough 'points' for purchasing required crucial parts needed - to build, you guessed it right: Wheelchairs!

The final bell rings. Teams jostle with each other to take pride of place at the presentation/start line. Suddenly the lights dim and the screen lights up with a real life slice of handicapped and destitute people for whom taking every step is a challenge – a world very different from their own.

The lights come on – and a door at the end of the room slowly opens. All eyes turn to the door – and watch in muted disbelief as many of the same people they just saw in the video, slowly, in measured steps, walk in – almost shyly. We have never done this challenge without having goose bumps ourselves or moist eyes across the room.

A few key parameters:

What Can You Expect?
• Foster feeling of teamwork
• Improved communication
• Enhanced goodwill
• Infuse the idea of working for a bigger purpose

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Download the Wheels of Hope Challenge One Pager