The Velocipede Challenge

Touching hearts the fun way!

One of the fondest childhood memories for many of us is probably the day we received our very first bicycle, wrapped with a big bow around the handlebars.But for many impoverished families, it can be tough to afford the cost of food and rent, let alone luxuries like toys and bikes.

Thus, even though bicycling helps children build coordination and self-esteem, and provide a wonderful source of exercise, many kids are forced to go without this cherished childhood pastime.

In this terrific team building event, teams armed with wrenches and enthusiasm race to construct the ultimate children's dream: bicycles. Meanwhile, other teammates are navigating fun, innovative puzzles and challenges to earn enough 'money' for purchasing that last crucial part needed to make their teams bike the first off the line.

The final bell rings. You wheel your mechanical marvels to the presentation/start line. Everyone is poised to present their bike when a door at the end of the room bursts open. Suddenly, you see the excited faces of underserved children from the local community! Imagine the delight and surprise that fill the room when everybody learns these kids actually get to take your new bicycles home with them. For most of the children involved, typically ages 7-10, this will be their first bicycle!

The Velocipede Challenge

A few key parameters:

What Can You Expect
• Improved communication
• Lesson in aligning to the same larger vision
• Having a larger purpose to the work that we do
• Lessons in leadership

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