Urban Pursuit Challenge

When the whole city is your canvas!

Urban Pursuit Challenge is a treasure hunt that is designed using Tablet computers and a very high-end software in the backend.

The city is transformed into a game board where participants navigate from one point of interest to another. They can then meet multiple challenges while discovering the city. It is an ideal activity to cut-off from the usual workplace and to create new bonds between colleagues.

Participants are divided into several teams, from 5 to 8 people. Each team is given a tablet. On the tablet, the game is in the form of a map, with many icons of different colours. The participants are geo-localized. To unlock the events, participants must be within twenty meters of the icon. Very easy to use, all the instructions for playing are written on the tablet. The different categories of icons correspond to different types of challenges. For example

• FUN - Participants will have to take original videos, interview passers-by, recreate dances
• PUZZLES - Participants will have to think collectively and find the solution to problems
• STORY – Participants will be led to rediscover unusual anecdotes about the history of the place
• OBSERVATION – Participants will have to find the point of view of historical postcards
• CULTURE – Participants will be led to review scenes at their location

A few key parameters:

What Can You Expect
• Team Work
• Mental Agility
• Applying Outsight
• Leveraging different talents in a team
• Adapting to change
• Looking out for the safety of team members
• Importance of fun

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