The Willy Wonka Challenge

Never under-estimate the power of chocolate. – Anonymous

Inspired by the children’s novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, by Roald Dahl, we invite you to take a delicious team building challenge curated by none other than Willy Wonka that helps build great camaraderie and fun between participants in a conference!

In The Willy Wonka Challenge, teams working in smaller groups are put through a series of choco-centric challenges, each of which earns them valuable points! Once the points are earned, they head to the local Willy Wonka store (set up at the back of the conference room) – where they have to select from a wide variety of chocolate offerings – in multitudes of colors!

The task ahead of them is daunting – for each of the teams to build a section of a chocolate-powered bridge, that needs to be as sturdy as it looks good too! Just when they think they are done – comes their biggest challenge: To get all the sections together to build a chocolate bridge that is sturdy enough to ………. well, we cannot tell you everything here and spoil the fun, can we?

A few key parameters:

What Can You Expect
• Enhanced Communication
• Mental Agility
• Handling Ambiguity
• Creativity
• Leadership skills
• Enhanced Collaboration
• Adapting to change
• Importance of fun

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