The Team CSI Challenge!

It’s a full-blown CRISIS at CSI Headquarters! ACP Paddy’s rich experience, SI Ajeet’s sharp insights and even Dr.Salon Kay’s brilliant forensic analysis have all come to naught! Which is where, you & your elite detective team comes in! Inspired by the reel namesake version of the immensely popular Indian TV serial, C.I.D., here’s an extremely engaging, surreal experience of solving a murder-mystery through its own proven experiential methodology.

Imagine being in the middle of a ‘crime-scene’ - physically dusting off the area for possible fingerprints, interrogating evasive witnesses, profiling the victim & suspects, studying the minutest details of a forensic report – all this, and much more detective-work in order to solve the ‘crime’ under real-time deadlines in a highly competitive environment.

Complete with clues, victims, suspects, witnesses and all the rigours of detective work, Team CSI experience allows your team, the detectives, to experience their roles in an interactive & highly engaging manner as you establish a motive and unravel the sinister designs through intensive teamwork & collaboration amongst team members!

The Team CSI Challenge
CSI Challenge

A few key parameters:

What Can You Expect?
• Decision making ability under pressure
• Enhanced analytical skills
• Enhanced clarity of thought
• Inter-communication skills
• Team Bonding

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