The Social Chef Challenge !

Cooking for a cause

A uniquely blended activity that not just allows you to make a difference to many such people, but also offers you an opportunity to get your team to work together on an exhilarating challenge beyond their daily normal. The Social Chef Challenge! inspires teams to look beyond their own individual and collective issues by experiencing the art of giving and the satisfaction derived out of it.

The challenge begins with each of the teams being allocated some limited non-food resources. Teams need to strategize to put these resources to the best possible use – to be able to cook up a sumptuous meal that includes an appetizer and a main course. Nothing is handed out easily. The team must display its ingenuity in sourcing everything – the raw ingredients, the dishes, the place to cook in and of course the much needed cooking fire. While all this happens, they must also be ready to tackle some interesting curved balls that get tossed up their way.

As the clock ticks away, teams get feverishly busy in their chef caps. Team work and creativity get a new meaning when something needs to be created from scratch. While there is a whole lot of fun, it's a serious endeavor. Our qualified judges will look into every nuance of taste, cooking, team work, presentation and cleanliness, when they come by visiting.

But the best part of the challenge is yet to be unveiled.

The final food presentation is done & judged. The teams are awarded small prizes. But the job for the team is not done yet. The team is asked to hold their breath, as a door opens and a group of people from local shelters are invited in. Serving plates quickly appear – and the team is now offered their final challenge. To serve the food with compassion and dignity to the people who need it so much.

“Little deeds of kindness,
Little words of love,
Make our earth an Eden,
Like the heaven above.”

Social Chef
Social Chef Challenge

A few key parameters:

What Can You Expect
• Working for a bigger version
• Time management
• Team Work
• Appreciating everyone’s role in the organization

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