The Maze Challenge

Get out before everything locks down!

A virtual delight that promises to put everyone in your team on the edge!

The scene:
A mysterious and long-abandoned military research base (called TEST) which has been closed for 10 years after a string of bad incidents. In the final months of operation there were radiation leaks, stories about experiments on animals going wrong, and finally, the death of one of the leading research scientists working at the facility.

TEST has been closed down and abandoned. It has been decided that the facility should be completely destroyed. Explosives have been put in place. In 17 hours’ time, TEST will placed in LOCKDOWN (i.e. fully sealed) and the explosives will be detonated.

The task for the players working in small teams is to find a research notebook that documented a top secret mathematical algorithm that would allow stem cells to be reprogrammed to generate new organs. What makes it challenging though, is that they will find inside TEST “lots of rooms and lots of doors” that make it a virtual maze! They must keep picking the “ONE right door” to have a chance of succeeding. They only have one chance to find the research notebook and then escape from TEST. Just to reiterate - they only have 17 hours before LOCKDOWN and destruction of TEST.

Maze Challenge Pic1

A few key parameters:

What Can You Expect?
• Problem solving skills
• Weighing-up courses of action
• Team communication and decision making
• Managing conflicts during decision making within teams
• Team bonding

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