The Mandala Challenge

Too much stress at office and home? Worry not – here is an unconventional solution for your team to beat it all back!

Mandala making is a way to practice mindfulness, a reflective state of being aware of the present moment. Often people practice mindfulness through quiet breathing techniques, by walking or doing yoga. However, a lot of people find it very difficult to sit on a pillow and just focus on their breath. Drawing and painting mandalas is another form of mediating that is much more approachable for many people.

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A few key parameters:



What can you expect from this experience?
⦁ Enhanced Self-awareness of your own thoughts
⦁ Renewed energy and focus
⦁ Enhanced concentration and problem-solving ability
⦁ Reflective and contemplative state to gain insights
⦁ Centered state of mind to feel relaxed and rejuvenated

Challenge your team to together take the Mandala Challenge!

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