The Pixel Challenge

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

Drops of water, make an ocean,
Grains of sand, make a magnificent beach.
Strains of sounds, come together to create a divine orchestra,
Just as millions of pixels, come together to create a larger picture!

How often have you heard your team members utter these words to themselves or found yourself wondering-

"How exactly will my piece contribute to this grand vision?"
And thus, it is imperative for a leader that every single person in the team perceives his or her contribution to be critical in contributing towards the larger goal. But, how does he convey this message in a strong, compelling manner?

The Pixel Challenge aims to infuse a sense of ownership and accountability within the team members towards the bigger picture by engaging them in a fun, collaborative, and artistic challenge!

In this engrossing team experience, large teams are broken up into smaller units, who are then challenged to don the role of artists. All the equipment they would possibly need is handed to them - canvases, easels, et al. Each team is then challenged to exhibit their skills, creativity and express it through a splash of colors & art.

As with most time based challenges, with every tick of the clock, teams rush in their "masterpieces" - but the real challenge is for the teams to collaborate between themselves in such a way that it adds up to a larger picture. And that is easier said than done!

To make things simpler, only the leaders of each team are called upon to figure out this challenge, behind closed curtains. The rest of the team awaits with bated breath.

Even with the chaos and confusion that ensues during the activity, teams ultimately figure their way out and are left spellbound when in the end the actual masterpiece is finally revealed! The impact can be summarised in just a few words-
“None of us, individually, are capable of doing what all of us together can”

A few key parameters:

What Can You Expect?
• Lessons in Accountability
• Enhanced sense of contribution towards the bigger goal
• Team communication and decision making
• Improved communication
• Team bonding

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Download the Pixel Challenge One Pager