Meals On Wheels Challenge

Do you want to get into the shoes of an entrepreneur?

Meals on wheels or a Food truck business is a popular business that each of us perhaps has a first-hand experience of – as customers! As simple as it looks, creating this successful business calls for a lot of business acumen. From creating that perfect story behind their start up, deciding the cuisine that will serve the customers’ taste buds the best, the proper marketing strategy,

As Thomas Alva Edison said, “Vision without action is hallucination.” Just having an idea in place is not going to be enough. For when it comes to the judgement hour, teams have to make their pitch – while a well-qualified judge uses his experience to grade individual teams on various counts of taste, proposition, cleanliness, and overall business viability.

A few key parameters:



What can you expect from this experience?

  • The need to adopt an “Entrepreneurial mindset” or a “Founder’s mindset.”
    • The role of teamwork in getting a business up and going
  • The need for everyone in a team to have a single vision in mind
  • The need to balance left brain and right brain thinking
  • Leveraging the talent of every single person in a team

The activity can also be run purely as a fun, team engagement experience without any debriefs if needed.

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