Larger Than Life Challenge

Everything bigger than life attracts a crowd – Gunter Grass

One story that captivated many of us in school, was Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels. The story of the Lilliputs in particular had us enthralled and fascinated. What if – we could recreate the larger than life stories? Better still – what if a corporate team has to come together to not just create the stories but the larger than life characters too?! Wouldn’t that be awesome fun?

Anything this good though, cannot come easy! The activity calls for intense intra-team and inter-team collaboration. The challenges are many – what is the story? Which team does what? How do we make these giants agile? …And yes, how do we dress them up in character?

Once the challenge is rolled out – the whole area turns into one buzzing shop floor with different teams immersed in negotiating their individual challenges. In the meanwhile other teams swarm around the entire space trying to join the dots to make the entire story and act come alive!

A few key parameters:

What Can You Expect?
• Enhanced inter- and intra- team collaboration
• Improved communication
• Lesson in aligning to the same larger vision
• Lesson in ownership
• Lesson in taking leadership

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