The Juggernaut Challenge

The word “Juggernaut” means an unstoppable or an overpowering force. The Juggernaut Challenge corporate calls for teams to display their engineering skills, creativity, time management & ofcourse teamwork, competitiveness – in another unstoppable experience.

Starting with some basic building material – the challenge set out for the teams is simple – to be able to construct a Juggernaut that is able to transport a nominated “Lord” from their team, safely through a stretch in the shortest time possible….. the key word here being, “Safety!”

But THAT is easier said than done. Building a Juggernaut, teams realise – calls for a lot of thought and planning. The questions are plenty – the answers are for the teams to discover. Often as the clock ticks and the pressure mounts, conflicts surface – how is that handled?

In the second half of the challenge, teams line up combatively behind the start line - and as the final whistle blows, the Juggernauts start rumbling on towards the finish line. There is wild cheering from the side lines as Gladiators from each team spirit their Lord’s away ….. at times Juggernauts come perilously close to crashing into each other, at times they even spill their Lord’s out!

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A few key parameters:

What Can You Expect
• Engineering skills
• Creativity
• Time management
• Teamwork
• Conflict Management

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