Induction Gaming Challenge

Gamifying the employee induction process!

There is a famous saying that, “You get only one chance to make a good first impression.” And yet - the experience of welcoming new employees onboard an organization is even today by and large an inelegant one. At most places, it takes the forms of a document sent to all and a guided tour to the various departments with a human resources manager tagging along.

What if we could digitize the integration experience of new employees through a fun experience? FocusU brings to life this whole new way of employee engagement – through a digital medium, in collaboration with our French partners – Urban Gaming. Let us tell you how.

This is how we can gamify the induction process through a digital experience:





  • To make it easier to memorize company values.
  • To create an emotional beacon.
  • To better get acquainted with these values.
  • Include challenges that enable employees to get better acquainted with the values.
  • The videos shot during the activity will constitute emotional beacons which remain rooted in the participants’ memories.
  • At the end of the activity, the videos are screened with a small discussion around the values.
  • Once a specific value is selected, the team is asked to think about specific professional situations where the value can facilitate decision making.
  • Think about past situations where you embraced this specific value.

  • To get to know the various departments better
  • To introduce the various ancillary services (reception, canteen, etc)
  • To understand the design, layout of the rooms (ergology, functional furniture, booking procedures)
  • As the new joinees walk around the premises and discover the various zones, relevant challenges are displayed on the tablet.
  • Each zone will give the participants the opportunity to discover the history as well as the practical and positive aspects of the building so that they are able to use the premises efficiently
  • You are asked to plan a meeting involving 20 participants. What process do you follow to book the required room?
  • Which service is NOT available from reception?
  • You are now in the brainstorming room…and you can write on the walls! Imagine a new logo and take a photo!

  • To meet the company’s key employees.
  • To promote productivity by encouraging natural collaboration between the staff.
  • To understand the roles performed by the key employees’ in the company and the way in which they interact between each other.
  • The participants will be asked to answer questions and take part in challenges focusing on various collaborators working for the company. When necessary, they will also be able to interact with these individuals. The various challenges will promote information retention and ultimately a better operational efficiency.
  • Will you be able to name this person?
  • Mathieu will spend a couple of minutes telling you about his job. Watch the video attentively as you will be asked to answer a question afterwards.
  • This photo shows an internal organogram. Which person in charge of marketing is NOT shown on this chart?

  • To understand how the company as a whole operates.
  • To do away with the barriers which exist between each role in order to increase productivity.
  • To promote collaboration between staff members.
  • The participants will be invited to take a step back in order to discover the various departments and jobs around them.
  • This in-depth knowledge of the company will be acquired in an educational and fun manner. At the end of the activity, the collaborators will be able to view and understand the company as a whole and will be more inclined to collaborate naturally with the other departments.
  • Shoot a video in which a call is received by the after-sales department regarding a defective product. Use the manual that was provided to the team.
  • Watch this video in which the graphics manager explains the difficulties he faces on a daily basis!
  • You need to modify the product information sheet. How do you share this information internally?

  • To convey the company’s commitments through examples.
  • To reinforce the sense of belonging to the company.
  • To encourage the employees to become involved in CSR projects.
  • The participants will be invited to discover a few examples of the company’s achievements. As they do so, they will associate these positive achievements with the business they are a part of.
  • They will also be asked to think about concrete actions they could take in their own department.
  • You were introduced to the initiative developed by our India office. Do you think this initiative would work in our Paris office?
  • You are now going to spend 10 minutes in Asha’s shoes. Asha is blind and is in charge of HR. Follow the Facilitator’s guidance.
  • Watch this video which shows the initiatives we discussed today and get ready to answer a question!

  • To discover the company’s products.
  • To facilitate the memorisation of their technical features.
  • To look at the way the company’s products have evolved in order to better understand the history of the business.
  • Various challenges will require the participants to interact with the company’s products. Questions, blind-tasting exercises, shooting promotional videos…
  • Depending upon the circumstances, this can range from giving the participants basic information about the products or services to getting the sales teams to memorize sales pitches.
  • The time has come to discover the next product. Which 5 ingredients does it contain?
  • You can now compare both cars… Move the tablet closer to some of their components, such as their steering wheels, to unlock some challenges.
  • This advertisement features the brand’s key elements. It’s your turn to come up with a new advertisement and shoot a video!

As would be evident from all this, Induction Gaming is a collaborative effort between FocusU and the partnering organizations. Like all good things in life - putting together a digital experience of induction for an organization, takes a little time - around 30 days of preparation and testing, the first time around.

If you are a progressive organization looking at digitalising your entire induction process, we are the partner you are looking for! Contact us today.

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