The Happy Feet Challenge

We like to move it! move it!

There is perhaps nothing more universal than the drive to move our bodies in sync with music. Studies show that dancing at parties and in groups encourages social bonding, whether it is a traditional stomp, a tango or even the hokeypokey!

If you found this interesting, the Happy Feet challenge is perfect for you!

Through dancing creatively, participants learn not to judge themselves, to stop seeking approval, and to dance without caring about judgments. We call that a state of "dance like nobody's watching." The joy and freedom of expressing their being will be more powerful than not expressing themselves and worrying about being judged.

A few key parameters:

What can you expect from the activity?
This challenge can help your team improve on the following qualities -
• Challenging your own perceived limitations
• The importance of the mindset you bring to any task
• Taking risks versus playing safe
• Thinking out of the box

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Download the Happy Feet Challenge One Pager