The Domino Rally Challenge

One for all - All for one

The Butterfly Effect or the “Domino effect" refers to the chain reaction that occurs when a small change causes a linear sequence of small changes that ultimately lead to a massive outcome. It typically refers to the cascading effect happening due to changes in one part of the system.

The Domino Rally Challenge entails curating an entire structure using domino chips, which is finally brought down in a seamless rally by simply pushing that first chip or the trigger. The beauty of this challenge is watching the entire structure come down with just one trigger.

The Domino Challenge Pic1
Domino Challenge Activity Pic2

A few key parameters:

What you can expect from this activity:
• Enhanced Understanding
• Learn the importance of patience
• Learn tolerance
• Learn how to plan for the big picture
• Importance of doing one’s individual part with full commitment

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