The Dockyard Challenge

You and your team has gone for a trek into the wilderness. The arduous trek has taken you to a point where your path is blocked by a wide river front. You have just two options – turn back and trek the whole way back (which considering your weary team, seems quite impossible) or use the material that is lying around to create a make-shift boat that takes all of you to the other bank of the river – to safety! Can you save your team?

Bring this imaginary scenario to life in a compelling challenge, set up for you though in less foreboding settings – within the swimming pool of the hotel you are staying in. The activity, done in smaller groups has teams working with an assortment of material that can be found just about anywhere – to craft and put together a boat that will stand the test of …. Water & Expectations!

After the first two intrepid souls from each team gingerly check out the team boats – the tempo dramatically changes as teams compete with each other in a furious race to get all their members safely to shore.

The Dockyard Challenge is definitely for teams with a little sense of humour too – who do not mind getting wet in the water.

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A few key parameters:

What Can You Expect
• Trust
• Conflict Management
• Improved Management
• Appreciating everyone’s role in the organization

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