Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

CSR is a term that has gathered much press in mainstream media of late - ever since the government notified the rules for CSR spending under the new companies law, putting in place a plan aimed at encouraging companies to spend a portion of their profits on projects that benefit society.

CSR Team
CSR Activities

Many other companies though, have not waited for this sort of diktat and have done good to the society through their own initiatives. In fact, CSR has quickly become a crucial part of many large company's long-term strategy not just in marketing, but in recruiting, too. An increasing number of employees, after all - want a sense of pride and fulfilment from their work, a purpose and importantly a company whose values matches their own.

But can CSR be made a fun yet a touching, inspiring experience for all involved? We definitely think so. CSR when done only as a source of funding, makes a difference - yes, but often it seems sterile. So, what if we mix up CSR activities along with employee engagement activities? That from our experience is a highly potent combination! It not only serves the purpose of doing good to society, but delivers the dual benefit of boosting employee engagement and inspiring your employees like nothing else does!

So, if you are thinking beyond just conventional CSR or if you are thinking beyond conventional team engagement activities, look no further.