The Cook-Off Challenge

Team Building - the Gourmet way!

“We can be heroes even just for one day” - David Bowe.

Inspired by the timeless classic, we have decided to give you the chance to be MasterChefs, for the day. Of course, our challenge comes with its own FocusU twist! This fun, participative event lasts for around 4 hours and can be conducted for any team of 10 people and upwards.

Cooking Challenge
Cooking Challenge Test

Through the activity, we abstract the simple lessons from cooking a meal and relate the learning points back to the dynamics of a high performance team in the corporate arena. Coupled with dynamic facilitation, this experience will inspire, motivate and challenge every single member in the team to think and behave differently back in their workplace.

A few key parameters:

What can you expect from this experience?
⦁ Enhanced inclination and openness toward learning
⦁ Improved inclination toward creativity among team members
⦁ Improved managerial skills, entrepreneurial skills, conflict resolution skills and financial skills
⦁ A renewed zest for productivity and appreciation for discovering new ways to do the same task

FocusU highly recommends this great innovative programme for your next team building event!

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