The Aquabeats Challenge

In a rain forest you are surrounded by the natural world. Sound becomes your primary means of navigation and your strongest sense. Deep in the forests of the Congo basin live the Baka, hunter-gatherer Pygmy people. In their world of dense green they have always been dependent on listening for survival and are renowned throughout Africa for their music and spiritual dance - "The Dancers of the Gods" as the Pharaohs called them.

Before any major hunt the women of the family group will sing "yelli." They do this in the early morning before dawn while the men and children are in their huts. One voice starts - a beautiful, haunting melody reverberating through the trees. After a few minutes another voice joins in, then another. The way that the women and girls play music is to literally "play the river." They stand in water up to their waists and hitting the surface of the water with cupped hands. Each of them plays a different rhythmic pattern which together form a more complex syncopated rhythm. The sound of this drumming coupled with their laughter carries across the forest.

FocusU now brings this unknown art into corporate India through a unique team based activity called The Aquabeats Challenge!

An activity that is punctuated with fun and laughter, The Aquabeats Challenge requires you to bring your entire team to the pool and challenge their rhythm skills in and out of the water. Clapping, singing, and water drumming will force your team to join hands and feet to create an energizing time while cooling off. Brush aside all those excuses! You don’t need to be an Olympic swimmer to be successful in the pool; anyone has the ability to dive in and be magical.

The Aquabeats Challenge breaks barriers between team members in an easy unobtrusive way. Standing together in knee deep water and making music together is a unique experience that draws people from their natural inhibitions and builds easy familiarity with each other. And yes, what better way to chill off together as a team? This challenge is good for small to medium-sized groups at any venue that has a pool and allows you to frolic in it!

If it is a fun, energetic, unique and wet experience that you want to put your team through, let the pygmies of Baka inspire you! Try out The Aquabeats Challenge today!