Ruella Appadoo


Ruella Appadoo

Quiet and observant, Ruella’s Motto is “I Analyze”!
And when she laughs, it seems like the ringing of little bells!

Ruella is a graduate in BSc Psychology with Counselling Skills from the University of Middlesex. After university, she joined a research traineeship with Oak & Neem for six months, where she would hold creative ateliers with 12 years old students. This was a very enriching and memorable experience for her as this was a moment where she was experiencing a genuine and unconditional love from these pre-teens. She then joined Talents, a corporate training firm, as an RD for one year, and then later called to join the LD Department as a project coordinator. Two years in project management and training, Ruella has been able to forge her personality as being caring, creative and always bringing new ideas on the table. Not afraid to speak her mind, she will voice out her opinions when required, and is always ready to roll up her sleeves to help.

Ruella is a very fun-loving soul, who is on a clear mission to help. She has a deep interest in spirituality and soul purposes. Always looking forward to understanding the “Why?” of things, she will never hesitate to ask questions and read more to quench her thirst for knowledge. Ruella has a methodical approach to life, preferring well organised things and lot of practicality in her everyday life. She also genuinely acknowledges that life is like a roller coaster ride, and one can’t always be 100% prepared, so she enjoys being out of her comfort zone and adapt to new situations.

Ruella loves travelling, cooking, good food and expressive writing a lot!