Prabhjot Singh

Digital Maketing

Prabhjot Singh

Prabhjot is our Digital Wizard – the brain behind our website & social presence.

A restless and curious soul who found his way to FocusU, he has an interesting background too! Check this out:

• 4 years of experience in Digital Marketing after completing his Engineering in Computer Science from SUSCET, Tangori (Chandigarh).
• He is Google Analytics Certified & Publisher (Adsense)
• A You Tube Channel Partner.
• Diploma in IT Security and Ethical Hacking as well as Cyber Smart Teen.
• Certified in Hacking and Cyber Security & Password Breaking and Security.
Using his Hacking & Programing skills he has in the past, found Vulnerability in websites like Maruti Suzuki, Karbon Mobiles, KFC, Punjab University,, News Websites & many more.

Many of us believe he can also hack into all our personal files & even mobiles. Hence, he is one person nobody messes around with in office. But having said that, Prabh as we call him, is often so immersed in his work – that he can be found just sitting on the team sofa and staring into space. No wonder he won the award for the MVP (Most Valuable Player) in FOCUS as soon as the award got introduced!

When Prabhjot takes a break from his techie world he says he would like to spend time with nature. He loves growing his own food. He also loves to listen Punjabi and English music.

Prabh has a single motto in life: "WORK HARD DREAM BIG".