Prashanth Sankaran | Insider Speak | FocusU Experience - FocusU

Prashanth Sankaran

What has surprised you the most about being here?

Its been an extremely positive journey regardless of the ups and downs. Everyone is comfortable with each other and at the same time, push each other to be a better version of themselves. I have personally observed myself to have become a much more open, honest and grounded person.

Have you been able to follow your interests?

I joined FocusU as a music facilitator. Wanting to do something in the field of music has been my goal ever since I started learning to play an instrument. And so now, there is an overlap between my work and my passion

What do you like best about working here?

The people of FocusU and the people we get to interact with during workshops. I have made amazing friends, have mentors without whom I wouldn’t think it would be possible for me to now assume a role of a coach for another dear friend.

What keeps you here?

The opportunity to push myself out of my comfort zone while fully knowing the people here have my back in case I miss a step