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Houston, We Have A Problem

A Northgate Training UK Activity
Relive the Apollo 13 Story


April 11, 1970.

Apollo 13 gets the go-ahead from Houston’s Mission Control Center for launch. Three days into the mission, when one of the crew members performs a standard housekeeping procedure, one of the two liquid oxygen tanks explodes, emptying its contents into space and sending the craft tumbling. The other tank is soon found to be leaking. Then came the legendary call from astronaut Jim Lovell to the Mission Control Center, “Houston, we have a problem!”

Mission Control aborts the Moon landing. With power and oxygen fast running out – it is a crisis situation made in hell. Will the astronauts survive this nightmare?

Challenge your team to a Business Simulation inspired by the legendary story of the Apollo13 moon mission – Houston, we have a problem. In the simulation, you as a part of a high performing team work in a demanding environment – but that’s not all. Midway through the simulation, the bar goes a whole lot higher! Discover for yourself what it takes to develop competent teams and engender an environment of cooperation.

As teams of lunar astronauts you address the logistics of collecting rock samples, erecting a laser beacon and planting a flag. With limited amounts of oxygen and water, between team cooperation is the only viable solution and the sooner all teams accept this the better! Just when it looks like you’re on top of it all you’ll need to re-group to deal with an emergency communication from Mission Control, Houston. A malfunction in the essential carbon dioxide filter needs a quick fix. With the materials available, can you do it? Will it work? Will you get back to Earth?

Is this right for my team?

Yes it is – if the key learning that you want your team to arrive upon are:
• To recognize when there is a need for help and a need to help others
• To clarify problems and set clear team objectives
• To develop problem-solving strategies
• To keep everyone informed, to listen carefully and communicate clearly with others
• To give information freely in a spirit of enlightened group-interest
• To keep calm under pressure

Houston, we have a problem can be delivered:
• Indoors
• Takes 90 – 120 minutes
• Accommodates group sizes of 12 – 150 people

If you want your team to relive the epic story of the Apollo 13 – and inspire them towards team work in an engaging format….. Take the journey with, “Houston, we have a problem!”


Download Houston, We Have A Problem One Pager