The Happy Feet Challenge

Dance Like No One is Watching

In their May 2016 edition, Scientific American published an intriguing article entitled Why dancing leads to Bonding.

“There is perhaps nothing more universal than the drive to move our bodies in sync with music. Studies show that dancing at parties and in groups encourages social bonding, whether it is a traditional stomp, a tango or even the hokeypokey. Many researchers have argued that people experience a blurring of the self into their groups thanks to the synchronization that occurs while dancing. Yet it is also possible that the exertion inherent to dancing releases hormones—like any other form of physical exercise—and these molecules are behind the bonding effect. A new study suggests both views may be correct”

And yet, the reality is that – the minute we suggest any form of dancing in a corporate team event, we can visibly see people shrinking in their chairs, nervous giggles all around, and a few people immediately get urgent phone calls to attend to!

FocusU now brings to you The Happy Feet Challenge!

One of our very powerful interventions, the workshop has seen the very same participants who plead with the facilitators to let them sit out, slowly being drawn in step by step, in the most comfortable and unobtrusive way to a state where they end up “wanting to dance” even more!

Through dancing creatively, participants learn not to judge themselves, to stop seeking approval, and to dance without caring about judgments. We call that a state of "dance like no one is watching." The joy and freedom of expressing their being will be more powerful than not expressing themselves and worrying about being judged. The real magic though is in what happens to a group of people who go through the experience together. When inhibitions drop, when people learn to “mirror” and “shadow” each other and something subtle and wonderful happens. Team members begin to feel comfortable with each other like never before. Just like Mumble in Happy Feet, they find a breakthrough with others in just being themselves.

Is the Happy Feet Challenge right for my team?

As a leader, if you want to challenge your team members to move beyond their comfort zones, break out of their shells and connect with each other in a much deeper way, this is one challenge you should invite your team to!

The activity can be debriefed around a few themes:

• Challenging our own perceived limitations
• The importance of the mindset we bring in to any task
• Taking risks versus playing safe
• Thinking out of the box

Try The Happy Feet Challenge with your own team today!

Download the Happy Feet Challenge One Pager