The Future Snapshots Challenge

Envisioning a different future

What can a camera in the hands of a child do?

In 2004, Ross Kauffman and Zana Briski made the documentary Born into Brothels, which is a portrait of several children living in the most inhumane conditions in the red light district of Kolkata. Briski gave each child a camera and taught them photography. Soon, the children began to look at their world with new eyes. Born into Brothels reaffirms that the camera is unique as a technology in its ability to inspire creativity.

Here is another case in point. Kids with Cameras is a one-hour documentary produced and directed by Alex Rotaru, following the progress and challenges of a group of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, aged eleven to nineteen, as they engage in an intensive film camp taught by national award-winning educator, Brad Koepenick. Testimonials from parents of children who have attended Brad’s camp – indicate that developing autistic children’s creative and acting abilities significantly improves their social interaction skills, and is generally overlooked as a therapeutic tool.

FocusU now brings to you another unique challenge – where you have an opportunity to change the lives of children in a unique way. The challenge we lay out for your team is straight forward: To assemble a fully working digital camera.

But as all our loyal customers know, with FocusU there has to be a twist. In an engaging session that keeps every single member in the team fully occupied, the team will have to learn as much about engineering, electromagnetics and image processing – as they will about teamwork and collaboration in the process of creating their own digital cameras. But that is not all – for a child to use a camera, needs much more than the device itself.

It calls for creating communication that is simple and engaging. It also calls for ways to draw children into the world of cameras …… and excite them about the possibilities that opens up for them. It calls for positioning the camera as a tool for expressing their hopes and aspirations – through their creativity. It is amazing how effective a simple camera can be in empowering children.

FocusU ties up with local schools for running this challenge, so that the cameras that are gifted have a much larger ripple effect, not only on the children who are presented the cameras, but also to the larger population of children back at their school. We also hope that this act of empowerment also inspires the schools to look at investing in more such resources by themselves.

For a completely unique way in which to change the world around you, go ahead – and take The Future Snapshots Challenge with your team!

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