Executive Integration: Seamless Transition To New Leadership Roles

Executive Integration

Does this snippet resonate with you?

“This whole executive integration piece is a nightmare for us! We recently had a very popular senior leader leave the organization. It took us 5 months to get the replacement hiring done (the team had to report directly to the MD during that time, that had its own challenges!) Now that we have a replacement on board, the team has just not taken to him. It seems there is always a Him vs Us going on in the team. They keep referring to the previous leader’s working style and that only seems to aggravate matters with the new leader. I wish there was a way to make things smoother for everyone involved”

Take heart – you are not alone! Whether it is integrating a new member into the family or a new leader into the team, the challenges are uncannily similar.

Over the years we have worked with many teams and leaders in helping make this journey smoother and effective. Using a mix of tools that range from psychometric instruments like MBTI, to experiential tools like LSP and through skillful use of Process facilitation techniques, we have been trusted lieutenants to leaders & their HR business partners who have had to make this journey.

No journey is the same – but a few milestones that are common in our experience, in such a journey are:

• Ensuring people understand the new leader’s preferred working style
• Creating an environment where team members can freely share their expectations from the new leader
• Setting team norms for the way ahead
• Understanding team’s personality preferences
• Identifying potential sources of conflict arising out of differing leadership styles
• Addressing legacy challenges

The essential glue that holds much of this together though is some easy laughter that helps break prejudices and mental barriers.

Unlike other team building programs though, to make these sessions a success calls for a lot of inputs coming our way from the HR business partner and the new leader ofcourse!

Contact us today …… We could possibly help you to get your journey in a new team off to a great start!


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