The Craft Factory Challenge

India is a land of a myriad crafts …… in the days of yore, traders from far and wide came here looking to soak into this treasure trove. Many of us, working in corporates, probably had our last tryst with crafts and craft making in our school classes called rather mysteriously as SUPW classes! Can you recall what that stood for? Pat yourself on your back if you said, “Socially Useful Productive Work”!!

FocusU takes you back to those days in school with a unique challenge modelled around the crafts of India – The Craft Factory Challenge!


The challenge that is as thoroughly engaging as it is colourful – the challenge unfailingly brings out the best and worst in people. The challenge set in the format of a factory assembly line, requires teams to organize themselves such that the task can be broken up into smaller pieces and ownership is assigned / assumed by various members in the team. And that is easier said than done……

As the clock ticks on – the assembly lines start buzzing – and soon churning out delectable pieces of craft. But if quantity is as important as quality, how would the assembly lines fare? As the closing time draws near, the frenzy of activity starts peaking…. How can a team attain maximum efficiency within norms of quality – what happens to team dynamics in such situations? It’s a fascinating discussion that follows once the final whistle goes off…….

A few key themes that emerge are around: Ownership, Collaboration, Situational Leadership and of course Time management! The activity is brought to a poignant close when all the products that are produced by the teams - be it a soft toy, a wall-clock, pen-stand or paper based toys are presented ahead to NGOs who touch the lives of socially under privileged children. The fun activity suddenly transforms into something that adds tangible value in the lives of others. We would love to craft one such challenge for your team – Do call us today!


Download the Craft Factory Challenge One Pager