Countdown to Sixty

Undiluted fun, a pressure cooker atmosphere, the energy of competition and team pride on the line. That’s a quick one line to describe one of our most competitive corporate team building events! Based on the hit TV show Minute to Win It, Countdown to Sixty was designed to challenge team members to work together and embrace the competition.

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The workshop is designed as a series of fun and zany challenges that teams have to complete in a limited time, as they race to compete with each other. Sample a few of the challenges:

⦁ A Bit Dicey: Balance six dice on a popsicle stick held in your mouth.
⦁ Beach Tennis: Two running players rally a ball back and forth using scuba flippers.
⦁ Blow Ball: Blow off all red ping-pong balls from a tray, leaving only 3 yellow balls remaining.
⦁ Candy Sort: Team members use a straw and the power of suction to pick up M&M candy pieces and sort them into small cups.
⦁ Bounce It: Using a stack of red cups and ping pong balls, two players will need to utilize their aiming skills and balance a tower of 10 cups.
⦁ Cookie Crawl: Use your facial muscles to move an Oreo from your forehead to your mouth.
⦁ Defying Gravity: Each team member will juggle party balloons in the air without letting them touch the ground
⦁ Bottoms Up: Knock over empty cans using a yo-yo tied to the back of the waist.

We have a whole collection of such challenges. Which means – depending on the time available, this is one activity that can be done for as less as 30 minutes to as much as 180 minutes! At the end of the contests, teams that have collected the highest amount of points can be declared as the winners! Alternatively, the top 2 winning teams can face each other in a grand championship, where they will be cheered-on by the remaining teams.

A few key parameters:

8-15 people

Team size

Can be done on demand


Is the Countdown to Sixty right for your team?
The Countdown to Sixty is a very flexible activity that can be adapted to different scenarios: as a conference energizer, as a filler or as a competitive activity that requires teams to leverage the different talent within their team.

This activity is perfect for driving messages around team engagement, the importance of choosing horses for courses and the upside of diversity. It is also ideal if you want to drive a message around the importance of cultivating fun and camaraderie within a team.

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