Conference Gaming Challenge

Engaging participants digitally

Conferences anywhere in the world are hectic affairs. A stream of presentations heavy with data and content often overwhelms participants driving down engagement.

Is there a way we can gamify the Conference experience using digital technology?

FocusU brings a whole new way of conference engagement in collaboration with our French partners – Urban Gaming. Let us tell how through one of our experiences. At the beginning of 2015, a large transport group asked an agency to digitize its award ceremony. The ceremony was about rewarding 520 employees through a fun evening highlighting the achievements of each. This event had been held every year for 5 years and different models had already been tested. In parallel with a strong desire to raise employees' awareness of digital culture, the need for renewal and modernity was felt ... The event agency decided to rely on us to bring new technologies and games to this evening.

The idea of a board game was quickly chosen. The idea was to have a central plateau with each team being represented by a tablet. The game board was designed as a mix of Trivial Pursuit & Monopoly, for a quicker grip of understanding. Different categories punctuated the game, beyond the speeches, the award ceremony and meal times:

• History category (DNA of the group, its values, its roots)
• News category (internal communication of news / key projects / upcoming projects)
• Fun category (guaranteed collective laughter)
• Pop Culture category (fostering intergenerational collaborations)

The project was hailed by all employees as innovative, interesting and a vector of sharing. The results of each department were isolated for analysis.

Do you have a conference coming up where you are exploring a gamified digital engagement?

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