City Carnival Challenge

“Life is a carnival. Enjoy every ride with zeal.” – Aarya Balte

Imagine this: It is time for your annual offsite – that time of the year that everyone in the team is looking forward to. You have decided to go to an exotic new city. But the way the schedules are, you have just half a day for a team engagement activity.

“Could we not go outside and explore the city?” – you hear more than a few of your team members plead. After all, the city is rich in culture and is known for a bouquet of different things & experiences. You really wish you could give all your team members a flavor of the city. But the constraint on time is very real. What can you do?

FocusU brings you a city-in-a-box challenge, just for such times! We call it the City Carnival Challenge! …. An amalgamation of many of the experiences that a city has to offer – all curated carefully, organized in a most precise manner and gamified such that just in the course of a few hours, participants get to experience the many flavors of the city with a competitive fervor woven in! And all this, within the confines of the hotel that they are staying in.

Here is a snapshot of what one such team went through in Jaipur:
⦁ Learn to sing a traditional song, set to the tunes of local musicians
⦁ Learn to dance to the beats of local folk songs
⦁ Put your taste buds to the test indulging in local delicacies
⦁ Walk the ramp in traditional attires, set to tunes of their choice
⦁ Learn from local artisans the traditional arts & crafts of the place
⦁ Fun races in the spirit of the place…. Like the dummy camel race!

The number of options that we curate is limited only by the time that you have in hand.



A few key parameters:

Is this workshop right for my team?
The City Carnival Challenge is a great way to get team members immersed in the culture, sounds, tastes and experiences of a place, while also getting them to understand different elements of teamwork, like:
⦁ Leveraging the strengths of different people in a team for achieving best results
⦁ Using horses for courses
⦁ Embracing things that make us uncomfortable (to achieve personal growth)
⦁ The importance of fun in bonding teams
⦁ The power of positive encouragement

If you are looking for a unique experience that engages your team members in the culture of the place, FocusU invites you to The City Carnival Challenge today!

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