The Build-Your-Raft Challenge

The path across rough waters is a fine metaphor that truly reflects any team's passage to peak performance levels. Always unpredictable and ever changing, the team will never know when the current will be on their side and will have to strategize and work together to wisely manage the constraints & fully utilize the resources in hand.

The Build-Your-Raft Challenge tests the teams' will and commitment as they paddle across unchartered waters on their SELF MADE rafts to the finishing line. The Challenge begins the moment teams chart out their raft designs and extends all the way to the glorious and victorious beach landing.

The Rafting Challenge
River Rafting Challenge

For teams with a lesser risk appetite or for locations which are not blessed with a seafront, The Build-Your-Raft Challenge can also be rolled out in large swimming pools of resort locations, to simulate some of the fun and excitement of this activity. Nothing beats the fun of all team members splashing together in a pool and getting wet together as they valiantly attempt to navigate the rafts they put together to attempt the crossing!

Bring your team together and take the Build-Your-Raft Challenge! Will your team tide across the waters as one team or will a few unlucky ones be left floating alone in their life jackets - we shall wait to see!

If you are looking for an exciting, outdoor team event - and don't mind getting wet & splashing in the waters, The Rafting Challenge is the ideal adventure for your team, to discover teamwork again!


Download the Build-Your-Raft Challenge One Pager