Build-A-Hand Challenge

The power of giving

Every year, across the world hundreds of thousands of children, normal citizens and army personnel lose their limbs due to land mines and accidents. The prohibitive cost of artificial prosthetics though, puts it way out of reach of most of these people. What if, you could make a difference about this?

The story of how this activity came to be is as inspiring as the activity itself. Ernie Meadows and his wife suffered the loss of a child. Meadows, an engineer and inventor, decided he was going to do something for the rest of the world in honor of his daughter’s life. Learning of the hundreds of thousands of children who had lost limbs due to land mines inspired Meadows to invent and design a prosthetic hand that was fully functional and could be made, fitted and used at a fraction of the cost of other prosthetic hands on the market. The Ellen Meadows Prosthetic Hand Foundation was founded.

In 2008, Odyssey Teams, a pioneer of philanthropic teambuilding met Mr. Meadows. From that meeting germinated the idea of a teambuilding program where the main project would include the building of the LN-4 prosthetic hands. Build-a-Hand™ was born. Today Build-a-Hand™ has generated the funds and provided the assembly of more than 50000 hands distributed in more than 70 countries.

FocusU in collaboration with Odyssey Teams now brings, this path breaking new offering that is unlike any other that you have ever engaged in. More than a philanthropic deed, more than a teambuilding process, more than just good corporate social responsibility — the Build-a-Hand teambuilding program is a radical re-examination of what work is and why we do it. The power of a team comes from purpose, not from the blind repetition of a process. The Build-a-Hand teambuilding program re-connects team members with the purpose of their work, and unlocks the potential of awareness, caring and collaboration in the workplace.

The activity, done in small groups of three gives team members an opportunity to empathize with what it means to lose a limb. Building a hand requires intense collaboration of course, but through the process of doing and giving, another powerful message seeps in unsaid – that when we focus on tackling issues much larger than ourselves, our own personal challenges seem small, insignificant and something that can be easily overcome.

A few key parameters:

3 people

Team size



Is the Build-A-Hand Challenge right for your team?
We tend to think of ourselves sometimes as small and insignificant. “What can I really do to change the world?” we ask in despair. We also sometimes tend to live our lives wrapped and cocooned in our own small worries and challenges – that seem larger than life to us.

The Build-a-Hand program allows participants to overcome these limitations. In a short span of time, it reminds people, (as Marianne Deborah Williamson had put it) that: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.” Small actions, every interaction, gives us an opportunity to improve the quality of life for others and thus our ability to create a relevant, useful impact. In the fast-paced cadence of business and life it is easy to lose sight of this impact and not “give” as much. And when we lose this, everything unravels.

Team members will walk away with powerful lessons to improve results, relationships and processes — and they will walk proud of themselves, their organization and each other. This time they know when they give their best, together, they can, and do, change the world.

So join us to Build-a-Hand, Build a team, and build lasting and meaningful connections that will transform the way you and your team approach work and life.

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