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Comedy Of Errors : My First FocusU Workshop


The New Girl!

Being the new kid on the block is never easy! (Emphasis on the word KID, here) Add to it, a whole new industry whose blueprint is like Calculus to you (only Science students will get the joke. The concept in itself, on the other hand, still remains a mystery to all mortals) and you have got something on your hands that can only be described as a modern comedy of errors.

When I was first briefed for the role of the Content Manager, I was asked if “traveling around would be a problem” and it was hard to keep a straight face. A job that will allow me to enjoy free trips across India while I do what I love the most, which is to write my heart out!? How could it EVER be a problem? And, indeed, FocusU has been one of the most pleasant surprises of my life. But, that is a story for another time, and more importantly, another blog.

The reason why I have decided to call this experience “a comedy of errors” is because of the specific personal events that happened to me. These include falling in the hotel pool and somehow ending up with a badly bruised thigh, FROM JUST WATER! Giving myself and my phone an unexpected baptism in the process, and then having to spend the next two weeks walking with a huge blue-black patch on my skin.

Now, these might sound like horrific events to happen to anyone, but honestly, I have done worse in a much shorter period of time. I happen to be one of those hyperactive comical characters you see in the movies, who end up running into walls even when there aren’t any around!

However, coming back to the actual subject matter – this workshop has been one of the most educational and liberating experiences of my life. The most fascinating aspect is the orderly manner in which we are expected to conduct and even more so, the efforts put in by everyone to ensure the execution of that perfect final show.

Let the games begin!

The workshop started on a slow pace owing to various external factors but once the entire audience team got down to work, it was pure magic!The engagement, conversations coupled with a friendly competition that allowed for a fair challenge experience for the participants – it was beautiful and inspiring. Our workshop took a team of disinterested and skeptical participants and turned them into a dedicated lot, eager to win the challenge presented and left them all enthralled!

At the end of the day, I felt exhausted, drained and yet oddly satisfied. The experience had not only been fun but also, educational, in every sense of the word. What was most interesting to witness was how at the end of the day, every person found the best way to make use of the resources at hand. It was their individual efforts that lead to the final result being a royal dish made out of the most basic ingredients!


The workshop was a wonderful exercise in the execution of vital team values that distinguish an organized and successful team from the rest of the crowd. The success of any endeavor depends equally on each individual unit of any team working to the best of their ability along with enhanced and well-maintained channels of communication. At the end of the day, no single unit can truly accomplish a task all by themselves. Input from various departments within the department is essential to reach any goal within the given time constraints.

I look forward to attending more of such engaging and educational workshops with my FocusU family. Hope to see you guys there!



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