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Deeksha Deep

Deeksha Deep, Author at FocusU - Page 2 of 4

July 23, 2021

Your Team Stepped Up During The Pandemic. Now, It’s Your Turn.

For most organisations, the pandemic brought to surface unexpected talent, creativity, and resilience. Many mid-level employees stepped up and took charge of the situation. They handled the unexpected challenges with unprecedented creativity and a strong bias for action. These entrepreneurial team members have really changed the game for everyone, everywhere. However, with the situation normalising across the board, leaders are facing a new challenge.
July 6, 2021

9 Must Watch Movies That Celebrate Diversity

what does diversity at work place mean? is it just hiring women employees? Or is it about celebrating the team members who belong to the LGBTQIA+ community? Or is diversity an umbrella term for celebrating every kind of team member that makes the very DNA of any organisation? From sexually and culturally diverse team members to differently abled ones; and everything in between?
June 16, 2021

How To Lead Empathetically During a Crisis?

A leader’s job is difficult at the best of times, and things get worse during a crisis. Here is how you can counter these challenges and better your team’s productivity.
March 10, 2021

26 Fun Outdoor Experiential Team Building Activities

Aristotle famously said – For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them. Outdoor experiential learning activities allow your team to come together in […]
February 8, 2021

100 Inspirational Quotes on Leadership

Leadership, over the years, has come to be defined as a mindset rather than designation. It is a multi-faceted responsibility that includes the ability to inspire, influence, and guide others in your […]
February 3, 2021

100 Insightful Quotes on Conflict Management

Whenever a group of people brainstorm over an idea, a difference in opinion is bound to happen. And often, these differences can lead to healthy debates. Thus, conflict, without a doubt, is […]
January 11, 2021

Leadership Lessons From The Life Of US Marines

Fans of action movies, worldwide, are no stranger to the power of US Marines. From fighting alien invasions to putting underground terrorist groups to waste – they are truly the real life […]
December 4, 2020

31 Team Activities To Usher In Christmas

As the song goes – it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! With the winter chill beginning to set it and December knocking at our doors, the Christmas fever is beginning […]
November 22, 2020

10 Habits To Cultivate Happiness

2020 has been an uphill battle for us all. From coming to terms with a global pandemic, ambiguity of extended periods of social isolation, and the blurred lines between our work and […]
October 29, 2020

20 Lesser Known Motivational Books That Are Absolute Gems!

This year has been an uphill battle in every way possible. The prevalent sense of ambiguity, chaos, and helplessness can get overwhelming, if left unchecked. Be it stepping out to watch the […]