7 Popular Places in Bangalore for Team Building Activities


A business has many functions, and for each function to operate properly, an organization is divided into teams basis their field specializations. It is, however, important to understand that if these functions do not work in tandem, achieving organizational goals would be a distant dream.

This is where team building comes in. You might think that your office floor is already a happy place to be. But who doesn’t like a day out of the office? However enthusing your workplace, time off from work is always a golden opportunity for your team to rejuvenate and come back stronger!

When talking about the IT hub of India, the ‘Garden City of India,’ has a plethora of locations ideal for holding corporate off-sites and organizing team building activities – both indoor and outdoor. From luxurious hotels to scenic gardens, the IT hub is also the hub for hosting team outings. So, let us take you through some exciting places where you can hold team building activities and help your team explore their individual and group potential.

Goldfinch Retreat


A four-star hotel in Bengaluru, it is one of the finest places to hold conference meetings. Located at just 7 kilometers from the airport, it is one of the most easily accessible locations in Bangalore. And if you know Bangalore at all, you know that the less you need to commute in Bangalore, the better! Apart from the sprawling 36-acre campus, the hotel offers spectacular facilities for both, indoor and outdoor sports. Our favorite? We love hosting the Geocaching Challenge – a high-tech treasure hunting game played using GPS devices. So, if your team loves adventure, your search ends here!

Golden Palms Spa and Resort


One of the most well-known locations for corporate off-sites in Bangalore is the Golden Palms Hotel and Spa. Situated at the Tumkur Road, it is a king-size resort with one of the biggest swimming pools and spas in the country. Pool enthusiasts – this is your place! Not only can you enjoy indoor activities, but it also offers a huge outdoor space for all shades of team building adventures!
As for your team building goals, our Juggernaut Challenge perfectly fits with the theme of the resort!

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Olde Bangalore


Located at approximately 12 kilometers from the airport, Olde Bangalore (pronounced as Old Bangalore) is one of the most serene places in the city. With warm hospitality, opulent service, and fabulous décor, this hotel acquaints you with the charm of the Garden City. In places like such, we love to host the Pixel Challenge. It is the best activity for those who want to escape from the city hustle-bustle and relish the gifts of Mother Nature.

Clarks Exotica Resort


With a campus scrawling across 70-acres, it is one of the largest hotel properties in Bangalore and is a fan-favorite for conducting corporate off-sites! With space and amenities adequate for both – indoor and outdoor activities, it indeed would be the right choice for your next offsite.
When it comes to our offerings, we especially enjoy conducting the  Team Olympics Challenge. The property provides ample opportunities for both, medium as well as large-sized groups. With its vast expanse, lush lawns, harmonious atmosphere, luxurious rooms, and modern facilities – everything you might want out of a premium offsite experience is served on a silver plate here!

Our Native Village

With the increasing awareness towards the escalating climate change, it is no surprise that people are feeling inclined more and more towards eco-friendly options in everything! Thus, if your team’s holiday motto is also in-sync with this amazing theme, and they would like to enjoy their next offsite in the proverbial lap of Mother Nature, your search has come to an end! The unique feature this resort flaunts is that everything here is eco-friendly – from the food to the experiences, even the architecture. It offers conference facilities for small-sized groups and gives us the best opportunity to conduct our musical activities. So, if you want to sing and revel in the lap of Mother Earth, this should be your go-to place.

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Windflower Resort & Spa


Located on the outskirts of Bangalore, Windflower is an ideal holiday place for your team to delve into the scenic beauty and take a break from the city life. It is located close to the Devanahalli airport and promises a perfect getaway for corporate outings. We love to host the Survival Challenge here, as the hotel offers facilities for the high ropes course to hold this exciting and adrenaline-pumping activity.

Eagleton Resort


With one of the biggest golf courses in the country, this resort promises an enthralling team experience. A fully-equipped infrastructure and a luxurious stay along with ample opportunities for recreation, this place is known for its excellent service. If you want your team to relish the lush greenery, a game of golf and team building activities, stop right here!


The places listed above are just a few of our favorite ones. The ‘City of Gardens’ along with having amazing weather all year round, also has some of the best places in the country to enjoy with your favorite set of people and build stronger bonds. We urge you to explore more such options and share with us, should you find worthy ones.
We also urge you to watch this space for similar articles on various cities across India!

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