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5 Minutes to Make Magic


In FocusU India, we believe that we don’t do training programs, we create an experience and it is an eye for detail that helps us accomplish that.

Our team is so passionate about the work that we don’t leave any stone unturned. This habit of ours has enabled us to figure out what the crucial moments are in a program that require those 5 extra minutes of attention.

Below are a few scenarios that have a positive impact on the training program, provided those 5 extra minutes.

  1. Meet with the leader:
    A facilitator mostly receives program information from the business development team after the program has been sold. But when he delivers a program on the basis of the same information, there is the possibility that the leader (a major stakeholder) might find some gaps. There can be multiple reasons for this to happen – miscommunication is one the most common. However, if a facilitator can spare just 5 minutes before the program and speak to the leader and ask few questions like “What is your expectation from the program?” or “Is there any specific message that you want delivered today?” the gaps will be filled before the program even stars.This can make a huge difference in the outcome. The purpose of this meeting is not to ask a lot of detailed questions, but to check whether we are on the same page or not. If not, some small changes are always advisable. Always find those 5 extra minutes and make the effort. You will find this very helpful in delivering a more meaningful program for everyone.
  2. Make a connection and be considerate:
    Building a connection with the audience is the first thing a facilitator strives to do. However in the process of doing so, sometimes he does not spend much time to get to know the audience. For example, consider the itinerary of the participants. Participants may have a long trip when coming to the program location and the facilitator pushes them to be energetic when he starts, and just falls flat. Instead he could spend just 5 extra minutes and tell people that he understands they had a long trip and are tired. Then, if he encourages them to participate, this small gesture of acknowledgement is going to make a huge difference.
  3. Thank everyone:
    After delivering an excellent program, one mistake likely to happen is if a facilitator forgets to thank the organizers or participants. This is a moment when you should get everyone’s attention one last time. Call all the organizers in front and thank them for giving you the opportunity to be there with them. The intention behind this is not to get future business, but genuinely thank them for all the effort they put into making this possible. Once this is done spare 5 more minutes, stand at the exit, and thank the participants while they are leaving the room. You will see that if the program was good, you might even get a lot of hugs or handshakes, and that is always a very satisfying end to the day.
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Any training program runs like a clock and everything is planned in advance. So whenever we are behind schedule, we try and compact the timeline as much as possible. However, no matter how tight the program is, try and find the moments that require those extra 5 minutes.

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