5 Best Resorts To Visit In NCR

Corporate retreats work as the perfect opportunity for the team members to enjoy some time off from the daily hustle bustle of life while providing you with the perfect setting for fun, light-hearted team building activities. However, a lot goes into planning that perfect retreat for your team members. We often get a lot of queries regarding the venue choices for such occasions, especially in and around the NCR region. Hence, to help you narrow down the list of the best resorts to book for your next team offsite, we bring a curated list of ten top resorts around the NCR region:



Surjivan Resort

A location that is roughly 29 kilometers away from the city of Delhi makes it one of the most sought after resorts for corporate events. Engulfed by greenery, fresh air, and a host of effective modern amenities and facilities, this resort serves as the perfect getaway for the weary hearted members of your team.


With a rural theme, visitors get to experience an authentic Indian Village experience – from the floor seating lunch area to thatched roof, nothing feels out of place in this modern day haven for city dwellers. Activities that can be easily and effectively conducted in such a beautiful setting include The Cook-Off Challenge, The Pixel Challenge, The Celluloid Challenge, and many others.



Conveniently located on the Delhi-Jaipur highway, this resort-cum-haveli is yet another great option to host all kinds of corporate events. Located just half-an-hour drive away from the Delhi International Airport, this state-of-the-art resort facility is perfect for a luxurious corporate getaway.


Coupled with a swimming pool that offers wonderful recreational opportunities, this resort promises everything that constitutes the perfect corporate offsite.



Wake up to the chirping of birds and a breathtaking view of peacocks and other stunning birds. Located at a convenient distance from the main city, this place is perfect for one-day outings and even as a slow, long weekend getaway.

For the foodies, this place has the additional advantage of serving meals that are to-die-for!


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The latest addition to the list of luxurious escape destinations in the NCR region, this exotic locale is situated smack in the middle of the NCR region – in our very own Gurgaon! With state-of-the-art facilities, pool, and spacious interiors – this place is, without a doubt, an ideal place to host your next office offsite event!




Take your team to an oasis of a resort, located in the middle of the quaint Mangar Bani Valley region of Faridabad region. Housing over 6 lakh trees within 677 acres of property, this place is cosmic in its size and divine in its vibes! Perfect for almost every indoor and outdoor team building activity and providing an almost dreamlike getaway for your next offsite – this is the very definition of perfection!


We hope this list helps you choose your next team offsite location. After all, laughter and good times are no enemy to learning! At FocusU, We believe play can co-exist with meaning and work. We deliver corporate learning & engagement programs the experiential way.


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