5 Best Hotels in Ooty For Team Building Activities

Sitting in a cubicle and staring at the laptop screen may, at times, give employees a feeling of clumsiness and boorishness. In order to keep team members away from such feelings in their corporate lives, a team outing proves to be a fun solution.

What better place than Ooty to serve this purpose? Also called the ‘Queen of Hill Stations,’ Ooty will be a refreshing change of air for every team member. A journey to and back from Ooty is a real treat because of its scenic beauty.

Based on our experience, below is a list of popular hotels and team building activities you can enjoy in the lush, velvety Ooty!

Ooty – Fern Hill

ooty-fern hill

Situated on the stark blue hills of Niligiris, Ooty – Fern Hill is the perfect destination with a heady mix of comfort and tranquility. With its ample indoor and outdoor space and lively atmosphere, we love hosting the Domino Rally Challenge. This challenge requires extensive planning and collaboration, and teams can create anything they imagine. This activity aims to bring groups together through the efforts of each group to build a domino design, the theme of which is mutually agreed by all teams.


Club Mahindra Derby Green

club mahindra derby green ooty

Club Mahindra boasts 5.5 acres of pristine surroundings and lush fields in the heart of the Blue Mountains. It is one of the prettiest resorts in Ooty and a perfect place to host the Pixel Challenge. This challenge aims to drive the message across teams that an organisation is not merely made up of a sum of all its components but as one unit and one team. Looking at the big picture is its main message.


King’s Cliff

king’s cliff ooty

Surrounded by peaceful hills and ample greenery, King’s cliff is a beautiful property to witness the elegance and heritage of Ooty. With its great combination of traditional hospitality and modern comfort, it becomes an ideal destination for the Cook-Off Challenge – wherein you indulge yourself in mouth-watering dishes that you make yourself, as you get to be the chef for the day!

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Taj Savoy

taj savoy

Taj Savoy is a perfect retreat for business as well as leisure travellers with its serene atmosphere complemented with a luxury lifestyle. We love hosting a fun challenge here called the Geocaching Challenge – a fun and innovative GPS-based challenge, which aims to stimulate the teams’ mental, physical, and navigation skills.


Welcome Heritage Fernhills Royale Palace

This is a beautiful location consisting of sprawling lawns, dense forests, and stunning views of the majestic hill station of Ooty. It provides a magical atmosphere for the Rhythm Challenge. This activity gives aid to your musical talents by playing some interesting instruments you might not even have heard of and drawing out your inner rhythm.


Team-building activities improve workplace projects and help employees understand each other better, which leads them to work better together, and ultimately bringing a stronger human element to the company and it’s success. Feel free to contact us when you’re planning your next team-building activity!

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