5 Best Hotels Around Delhi For Team Building

In a world devoted to satisfying customers and clients, companies sometimes forget their most valued asset – the employees. Without the combined effort of each individual from each team, success can never be attained by any company. This is the reason why team building outings are crucial.

When a corporate outing contains several well-thought-out team building activities, employees get the opportunity to communicate effectively with one another and come out stronger as a team. Furthermore, from activities that make you think to those which require you to innovate, team members are forced to use their creative side and find solutions together, which is indeed necessary in the corporate world.

Here is a look at some of the best hotels and team building activities in and around Delhi.

Taj Gateway Resort, Damdama Lake

Located just 45 km from the IGI Airport Delhi, The Gateway Resort is a nature-inspired sanctuary for the urban nomads with enchanting lake views and lush greenery. A sprawling 20-acres of land in the bosom of the Aravalli hills, this resort will recharge your mind and provide you with a much-needed escape. Soak in the crystal-clear waters of the pool and indulge in a morning golf session while listening to a symphony of birds. This place is sure to give you some extra relaxing vibes and peace of mind. Amidst such serenity, we love to hold the Survival Challenge, which provides you and your team the opportunity to challenge and master your fears. With adrenaline-pumping activities like flying fox, rope balancing, river crossing, and many others, you will be able to test your endurance and learn essential attributes like balance, coordination, and concentration. Are you ready for the perfect blend of serenity and adventure?

The Roseate, New Delhi

The Roseate is a luxury resort in New Delhi, which narrates a clear visual language and recognisable standards as its primary goal. This one-of-its-kind urban resort spread across 8 acres of refreshing greenery and tranquil water-bodies is perfect for escaping the fast-paced city life. Choose this location for your next team outing and enjoy the perfect blend of iconic architecture and fresh space. In the vast conference halls of this property, we love to conduct an effective activity called Building Psychological Safety. All high performing teams have one thing in common – they have psychological safety. This is essentially the belief that you won’t be punished when you make a mistake. This leads to employees showing moderate risk-taking and higher creativity level, both of which have the ability to initiate breakthroughs.

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Lemon Tree Hotel, Tarudhan Valley

Nestled amidst the hills of Aravallis and surrounded by the dancing fields of maize and mustard, Lemon Tree Hotel is a landscaped getaway perfect for a corporate team building outing. This visually stunning and breathtaking retreat imparts an old-world charm and is also a bird watcher’s paradise with various migratory birds making this their second home. We take pleaseure in incorporating our team building activities amidst this paradise. The Books For Keeps Challenge is the perfect activity for driving messages about the importance of working towards a single goal and having a higher purpose to the work that we do.

The Westin Sohna Resort and Spa

Tranquil surroundings, lush greenery, and a serene atmosphere; The Westin Sohna Resort is a seamless blend of luxury and comfort. Sprawled across 45 acres of green fields, the resort makes for a perfect team outing location. It offers unparalleled facilities to relax and rejuvenate amidst the beautiful countryside to revive the stressed mind and soul. We love to host one of the most exciting and fast-paced activities here, the Soap Box Challenge. This pulsating activity will satisfy your F1 race dreams to the core. It involves teams racing neck to neck in a relay race, amidst wild cheering to be the first one to pass the chequered flag. If you are looking for a fun experience meddled with great learnings for your team, the Soap Box Challenge is the right fit for you.

The Stellar Gymkhana, Greater Noida

Nestled in a 12-acre lush green stretch along the Greater Noida Expressway, The Stellar Gymkhana is an ideal venue for holding corporate team building outings. In addition to the luxurious rooms overlooking their beautiful lake, the resort offers ample outdoor activities. Home to a dedicated environment and recreational activities, this resort is sure to make your team outing unforgettable. Here, we love hosting the Larger Than Life Challenge, where everyone works towards one big (literally!) objective, and where the importance of both intra-team and inter-team is broadly highlighted. By creating characters that are larger than life, everyone is actively involved and busy connecting the dots to make the act come alive.

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If you want a more comprehensive list of locations and activities, don’t worry, we have you covered! Click here to check out other sites and team building activities.

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