5 Alluring Hotels in Jim Corbett for your Corporate Team Outing

Imagine this: You’re in a stunning hotel, blessed with a remarkable landscape in front of you, including forests, rivers, and hills. You look beside you and find your team members soaking in the much-needed warmth and relaxation after the non-stop deadlines and work pressure. All the exhaustion and dullness is making its way out, leaving room for only creativity and innovation.

We keep forgetting a very wise saying, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” There’s no denying the fact that hard work is critical on the path to success, but will hard work alone yield results? Despite popular belief, being busy doesn’t mean being productive. Success comes from focusing on the right things and making efficient use of our time, not from only movement and activity.

Hence, in a continually advancing and competitive world, it is imperative to unclog the minds of our employees and motivate them to think outside the box, which doesn’t happen quite as often in a workplace as we’d like to believe. What better way to keep Jack from being a dull boy than taking a corporate team outing to Jim Corbett? It’s a beautiful place located in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand and filled to the brim with scenic landscapes, gushing rivers, endangered species, and beautiful flora and fauna.

The Corbett area is one of our favourites to conduct some exciting team building programs in some of the most popular hotels.

The Solluna Resort

Located just 35 kms from Ramnagar Railway Station, this 5-star luxury resort is the perfect abode to gaze at the valley of Marchula, soak the magnificent beauty of the hills, and enjoy a refreshing walk by the jewel-blue stream in the forest. Combining nature’s ecstasy and high luxury, the Solluna Resort is teeming with lavish facilities and thriving scenic beauty. While giving your team a physical break from city life, we love hosting the Escape Gaming Challenge, which challenges the teams to flex their thinking in various ways linked to the latest technologies, and thus gives them a mental break from city life as well. This challenge promotes not getting stuck on the “first right answer” and is perfect if you want to stretch your team’s ability to think and solve problems.

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Resort De Coracao

Surrounded by nature, away from the hustle and bustle of cities, Resort De Coracao offers elegant accommodation with a twist of luxury and comfort. Based just 7 kms away from the Jim Corbett National Park, the luxury resort offers vast open space, buzzing with lush gardens and picture-perfect spots. The enhanced quality services and warm ambience provide an excellent platform for us to host the Craft Factory Challenge, which aims to take you back to the school days with an activity that is modeled around the crafts of India. The challenge, which is as engaging as it is colourful, is set in the format of a factory assembly line and requires teams to organise themselves such that the task can be broken down into smaller pieces. But, don’t go by the looks of it! It is easier said than done.

Namah Resort

This resort is everything that the heart desires when seeking rejuvenation and mental peace, from the lush greenery to the mouth-watering cuisines. Namah Resort offers breathtaking views, a stunning location, and beauty that is captivating enough to bind your soul to the wilderness. In this dreamy setting, we love to host the Celluloid Challenge, where every member of your team is becomes a part of a full-fledged production unit. The challenge involves producing your own movies, from start to finish, from ideating and scripting to shooting and editing. The possibilities are endless and there is no lack of creativity in this activity!

Corbett Treetop

Located 115 kms away from Pantnagar Airport, Corbett Treetop features ample facilities and delights to make the stay soulful and remarkable. With an outdoor swimming pool overlooking the surrounding Himalayas and a warm ambience, the resort provides a great getaway for relaxing and rejuvenating. We love to host the Egyptian Challenge, which involves creativity, innovation, and intra-team collaboration to figure out a way to make sense out of a puzzling ambiguity. A magnificent pyramid awaits you!

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The River Retreat

Situated right in the arms of Jim Corbett National Park, The Riverview Retreat is an epitome luxury with the divine touch of Mother Nature. With almost every room having a breathtaking view of the hills, the resort offers an earthy and wild ambience with private seating and gardens, black wood furniture, and cold stone floors. It features a gushing river flowing alongside, abundant wildlife, and one of the best restaurants to make the stay a pure delight. Amidst the dreamy setting, we love to host the Geo-caching Challenge. This is an exciting GPS-based activity that stimulates your mental, physical, and navigational skills while also incorporating teambuilding values efficiently.

Teambuilding activities are indeed essential to improve the workplace environment and drive successful innovations.

Looking for more locations? Not an issue! We’ve crafted amazing experiences at places all across the country for your convenience and comfort. Contact us for your next corporate team outing, and we’ll be happy to be a part of your success story.

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