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Vidya Thimmiah

Super hero: Anyone who inspires 🙂 Comics teach us that too! 
Cuisine: Indian and Italian | Movie: Forrest Gump
Book: Little Match Girl | Music: Classic rock | Downtempo artists
Holiday: A beach or the mountains

Quote: “The purpose of our lives is to be happy” – Dalai Lama.


Vidya Thimmiah

Client Advisor

Vidya joins us with over 5 years of experience in Client Servicing and Account Management. With her work experience, she is convinced that good customer service is about building personal relationships with clients, rather than just displaying plain professional courtesy.

She has completed her MBA in Marketing from Christ University, Bangalore but feels that life experiences have been her biggest teacher.

Something she holds in the highest regard is balancing work-life to reach her maximum potential, both personally and professionally. This is also one of the key factors that motivated her to join the FocusU family.

She feels that her right-side brain is the dominant one and loves to spend time exploring her creative side through art, music, books, and food. She would rather be put behind bars than give up an opportunity to travel.

With a hunger for self-improvement, her biggest lesson has been that change and progress are always slow and challenging, but the results from that journey are etched forever.