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Smriti Samridh

Super hero: Superman | Sports team: Indian Cricket Team
Cuisine: Indian & Chinese | Movie: Castaway and Queen
Book: Sputnik Sweetheart | Music: Sufi, Indie Bands, Soft rock
Holiday: A place with water bodies

Quote: Oh how gently does she carry the storm inside her!


Smriti Samridh

Client Advisor

Smriti is a part of our business development team in Bangalore.

She is a graduate in English literature from Delhi University and has done her masters in management from Pune University. With over 4 years of work experience, she has been a part of the automobile and manpower consulting industries before this. She has worked in a start-up environment as well.

She is a happy go lucky person, always up with a smile. She loves being around people, travelling and absolutely loves music.

The people and the work they do is what attracted her to join FocusU. She believes the people here are magicians because they can make anyone smile!

She believes that life is best when little things are appreciated.

What has been your personal experience of being a part of FocusU?

Smriti Samridh answers a few probing questions that shed some light. Read the interview.