Rajverdhan Saxena


Rajverdhan Saxena

Rajverdhan Saxena (or Raj as he is popularly known) works in our Finance department as the backbone of our Finance team. He likes to describe himself as a boy from UP with a naughty face and a sweet heart. Raj is a romantic at heart – he loves to listen to music and particularly loves to dance. Within FocusU he is especially popular for his signature Gangnam style dance moves!

B.COM Graduate from Agra University, he brings with him the experience of working with Genpact as a Process Associate for 4 years.

Raj believes that his strength is that he continuously strives on improving himself and adapting to any environment. He is always open to accepting new challenges and learning new things. His aspiration in his words is, “To see a smile on every persons face.”

His philosophy of life is summed up as "Always behave with others the way you want them to behave with you"