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Prabhjot Singh

Super hero: Iron Man  
Cuisine: North Indian | Movie: Ford vs Ferrari
Book: Atomic Habits & Psychology of Money | Music: Punjabi
Holiday: Outdoors | Trails

Quote: “Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.” — Michael Jordan


Prabhjot Singh

Digital Maketing

Prabhjot is our Digital Wizard – the brain behind our website & social presence.

A restless and curious soul who found his way to join us, he has an interesting background too! Check this out:

• 6 years of experience in Digital Marketing after completing his Engineering in Computer Science
• He is Google Analytics, Google Cloud Certified Partner & Publisher, YouTube Channel Partner
• Diploma in IT Security and Ethical Hacking
• Certified in Hacking and Cyber Security & Password Breaking and Security. Using his Hacking & Programing skills he has in the past, found Vulnerability in websites like Maruti Suzuki, Karbon Mobiles, KFC, Punjab University,, News Websites & many more.

Many of us believe he can also hack into all our personal files & even mobiles. Hence, he is one person nobody messes around within office. But having said that, Prabh as we call him, is often so immersed in his work – that he can be found just sitting on the team sofa and staring into space. No wonder he has now emigrated to Canada – the spiritual home of all Punjabis!

When Prabhjot takes a break from his techie world he says he would like to spend time with nature. He loves growing his own food. Over the years, Prabh has also turned into a voracious reader – something that he feels has changed his life for good!

Prabh has a single motto in life: “Work Hard – Dream Big.”

What has been your personal experience of being a part of FocusU?

Prabhjot Singh answers a few probing questions that shed some light. Read the interview.