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Kevin Hoober

Super hero: Wolverine | Sports team: Liverpool Football club
Cuisine: All – if its tasty | Movie: The Expendables / Saw / Tum Bin
Book: Strait is the Gate | Music: All 90’s hindi songs
Holiday: Switzerland

Quote: Hota hai chalta hai duniya hai


Kevin Hoober


Hey there! I am Kevin Hoober, working as a Co-Facilitator with FocusU.

I come right from Mauritius, the tropical island in the Indian Ocean.Right after completing my tertiary studies in Management, I joined the tourism industry where I worked for 10 years. My experience allowed me to thrive and climb the stairs of success where I gained a lot of experience and knowledge of the industry, which was completely new to me at the time when I started my career.

I love to travel as it gives me the chance to see and meet new people and experience their culture. I love painting, gardening, and love spending time with my kids.

I am someone very patient and I love to observe the situations around me. I am hard working person and love to work with and in a team. I might seem quiet at the beginning but get to know me more and I could become the craziest person to handle.


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