Kamal Bhardwaj


Kamal Bhardwaj

Kamal Bhardwaj works as a Co-Facilitator with FocusU.

An extremely genial personality, he is the go-to man within the FOCUS team who is always ready to shoulder any responsibility or challenge that is thrown at him. Naturally inquisitive and curious, he gravitates towards new ideas and experiences. His biggest strength perhaps, is his tendency to question the status quo in everything that he does - which is what made him move from working in a 5 star hotel to working with FocusU!

Kamal is a Management graduate from YMCA, Delhi. He brings in around 4 years of experience in the hospitality industry. He has been a professional bartender, and has been a finalist in a mixology competition like Food and Nightlife India.

Kamal is also passionate about riding sports bikes and exploring unknown places. He is a part of several biking groups and has explored much of India. Shimla, Amritsar, and Kotdwar are his favorites destinations.

An excellent communicator, Kamal is also a voracious reader. The scorching pace at which he completes reading books on an ongoing basis, has raised the bar uncomfortably high for his peers! He is also an avid cricketer, like 99% of Indians are. One thing to be said for Kamal definitely is that he generally stands out wherever he goes - the psychedelic colours in his dress sense ensure that!

Kamal has been a big part of the team running many successful workshops - for companies like Cairn Energy, Indian Oil, CEAT, Thermofisher & many more.

Whenever things run like clockwork in a FOCUS program, you can be fairly sure Kamal is somewhere in the background, making it happen!