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Dyti Dawn

Super hero: Hermione Granger | Sports team: Real Madrid
Cuisine: Continental. Specially Greek. | Movie: Casablanca
Book: Kafka on the Shore | Music: Rabindrasangeet
Holiday: Meteora in Greece

Quote: Live where you fear to live. Rumi. 


Dyti Dawn

Learning Curator

Dyti works as a Learning Curator with us.

She brings 6 years of HR expertise in the domains of Talent Management, Learning & Development, Change Management, Leadership Development and Behavioral Skills Development. She has worked extensively with the Sales & Customer Care Functions.

Dyti holds an MBA from SCMHRD (Symbiosis University). She is a certified Firo-B & DISC practitioner and holds a specialization in “Foundations of Positive Psychology” from the University of Pennsylvania. Dyti has expertise in the areas of Instructional Design, Mobile Microlearning, Competency based development and Assessment Design. She loves to curate engaging and meaningful learning environments. Dyti is passionate about enabling people to explore their potential and achieve more from their lives and work.

Dyti loves to read and has a special place in her heart for classic fictions. While not at work, she usually spends time with her dog or explores the world with her partner. Travelling has developed in her a deep appreciation for diversity and the positivity in people and cultures. She loves to share personal anecdotes of her travel and experiences through her writing. She is inspired by the quotes of Rumi and one of her favorites is : “What you seek is seeking you.”

Some of Dyti’s publications include :
Can Microlearning lead to behavior change? – Elearning Industry

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