Ashuma works as a Facilitator with us.

A vibrant person who vibes with energy – she anchors our offering using dancing as a way to draw out people and facilitate learning outcomes in the area of teams and leadership.

She brings passion and energy to all her programs. She is observant and with knowledge of how learning sticks, has multiple solutions to offer for change. Her unique strength is empathy, she understands people, and understands learning is all about changing one’s behavior. She focuses on building trust, and rapport with her participants and is relationship focused. This in turn helps in people accepting her, and being inspired to change. She has a very facilitative style and she applies creative thinking and resourcefulness to all her interventions.

As a consultant, she has worked with multiple clients like:

ABN Aces, Accenture, Aditya Birla Group, American Express, Aon Hewitt, Areva, Aricent, Cairn Energy, Chambal Fertilsers, Citigroup Financial Services, Deutche Post Bank, Dr Reddy, Ericsson, E&Y, Fidelity Services, Fiserv, Genpact, Global Logic, Indigo Airlines, Infosys, Nestle, Pepsi, PVR Cinemas, Religare, Rockwell Automation, Sears IT Group, SOS Village, Syntel, TCS, UHG, Yum, Zee Network

Her credentials are quite formidable. Here is a snapshot:

1. Certified for the use of MBTI for personal and organizational growth.
2. Certified PEQM™ (Emotional Intelligence) consultant
3. Certified instructor in “Creative Movement Therapy” from “the Creative Movement Therapy Association of India”
4. Certified professional on "Situational Leadership II" by Ken Blanchard Institute
5. Certified Trainer by Franklin Covey "7 Habits of Highly Effective People"
6. Certified Crucial Conversations by Vital Smarts
7. Super Trainer Certified by GE to certify other Trainers
8. Green Belt Certified
9. Certified in using Leadership Orientation Quotient to assess Leadership Preference and capability
10. A Landmark Graduate, has attended a 7 month Leadership Development Journey, and produced results
11. Experienced Vipassana course - 11 days of silence contemplation

Ashuma can be described in one line as a person who just loves life. She cherishes her family and friends, enjoys dancing, loves doing-up her interiors at home, loves nature, loves travelling, loves books, loses herself in painting, enjoys singing, photography, and as you could possibly say by now……. is insatiably curious about the mystery of life !!