Anamika works as the Accounts & Finance manager with FOCUS.

When you have a team which is so high on passion for the work they do, it becomes necessary to have someone else in the team also keep an eye on what is happening to the Finances! Anamika for us is Ms.Moneypenny!

An accredited Account Technician (ICAI) with approximately 2.5 years of professional experience, Anamika always had a flair for number crunching that aptly reflects in her choice of profession. Eye for detail and passion for perfection are a few qualities that help her in delivering her duties. She also keeps a check on unnecessary expenses and won't forget to question even if an extra pen is purchased. And all this with such a pleasant smile that nobody ever resents her asking those questions!

Being a working mother, she tries to juggle between her multiple roles in everyday life. By no means is that an easy feat – but the consensus is that she does an awesome job of that. What keeps her moving from strength to strength? It's her bundle of joy, her son - Vivaan. It would be fair to say that her life circles around him.

She likes to travel because she believes that, as Danny Kaye says, 'To travel is to take a journey into yourself'