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Achillies Jodan Karlus Miranda. With a name like that – you have to be “someone special”. And so he is.

Archie as we call him works as a Co-Facilitator with FocusU. Amongst a group of gregarious team members in our Wild West team, Archie brings the much needed sea of calm.

Archie graduated from the Mumbai University and also holds a diploma from IATA. He completed a stint of 2.6 years with IT giant TCS – before realizing his calling of being associated with work that is more adventurous in nature. That took him to a stint in “Action Paintball”, where he had a load of fun organizing paintball tournaments for different college fests.

The quiet personality of Archie can be misleading when you peel the layers and get beyond the surface. “Music makes me high”, he says. And he has lived that passion by being a freelance DJ during his college days. Something that comes in handy in internal FOCUS meets too!

He is also an avid sports person – playing Football, Cricket and hold your breath… Boxing! His love for travelling is what got him attracted to joining the FocusU team.